Michael's thoughts on advocacy.

I have two principal Arts Advocacy presentations that I keep as current as possible.

My first is a presentation regarding the integral relationship that the arts have in the vitality and success of the business community - on a local and national level. In particular, after deconstructing any type of business were the arts absent in our society, I am generally successful in mading the point that it is impossible to have business success without the creative contributions of artists and supporting skillsets. For example, to advertise your product or service for a radio spot a business will find it integral to their success to have trained and talented writers, singers and musicians for the commercial product "jingle" and recording engineers and other production personnel.

My second presentation is on the power of arts education to engage our students in ways that transforms the learning process , improves cognitive skills, develops excellent communication and inter-personal skills - all the while encouraging our students to stay in school. It is in the secondary schools in particular, that formal arts instruction becomes the cauldron in which the creative ingredients and foundation skills necessary for participation in a "creative" economy begin to form.